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July 24, 2020

Why your Facebook Ads are not converting & how to fix that

Why your Facebook Ads are not converting & how to fix that

In this episode I discuss some of the reasons why your facebook ads might not be working and simple steps on how you can fix that & improve your Ad performance.  Time stamp : ( 01:20 ) Introduction (01:58 ) There are 2.6 billion people estimated to actively use Facebook every single month as of 2020 ( 02:40 ) Targeting the wrong audience to gain a higher reach is costly & ineffective  ( 05:15 ) Define your Buyer's persona by simply looking at traits & characteristics that identify your ideal customer ( 07:40 ) Creating non-clickworthy Ads will affect your Ad performance regardless of how good your targeting is ( 08:28 ) Carry out experiments as often as possible to find out which type of Ads work well for your business and use the data you get from that to fine tune your Ads.

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