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Oct. 14, 2020

SEO for new websites | SEO unpacked | How to

SEO for new websites | SEO unpacked | How to

In this episode I go through steps in which as a newbie or amateur in SEO, you can do SEO for your new website. This is simply a guideline to help assist you if you are overwhelmed with SEO and are not sure where to start from.

SEO procedures varies from person to person based on their expertise level, the task at hand and doesn't necessarily follow one standard guideline rather plays out like a game with a problem at hand and a solution to be seeked. Think of SEO like playing puzzle and you simply need to find the missing piece using the immense knowledge you have on the subject.

In this episode I mention :

1. SSL
2. Core Web Vitals
3. SEO software ( Seobility, Moz, Semrush )
4. Tracking competitors
5. Long tail Keywords

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