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This video will provide you with a step by step guide on how to rank your new website higher on Google. I totally understand, starting out in SEO can be quite a hassle & confusing as well. There is simply a lot to learn in SEO & the results usually take time.I've documented some of my works & progress that will help you find a structured format of learning & implementing SEO.



AI is a software that generates content on the spot for your articles, blog posts, websites & more. AI has been programmed to create texts based off of some criteria that you set.A person can run an article or blog post through the AI software and it will generate new paragraphs depending on your input. These inputs help shape everything from what words are used to how often subjects get switched up. It automatically uses synonyms for various words too so that information doesn’t get repetitive when describing something as well as using short sentences mixed in with paragraph lengths if needed for variety here and there throughout.