April 19, 2020

Episode 53 - Website Morphing for improved UX

21st century marketing is broadly targeted on personalisation and improved user experience. Website morphing has been a way for m…

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April 16, 2020

Episode 52 - Marketing Advice I got from Eric Siu ( Founder Single Gr…

One problem a lot of us marketing professionals face is the fact of not knowing where to start from in our marketing career. Ther…

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April 6, 2020

Episode 51 - Webvan Case Study ( Marketing Disaster )

In this episode you'll learn on the importance of proper planning in business together with quality marketing integration and how…

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March 31, 2020

Episode 50 : Should you simply pay Google & avoid SEO

I received a question on why it's important to go through the hassle of doing SEO which takes a ton of work and patience whereas …

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March 28, 2020

Episode 49 - 5 Growth Tools for your business

Hey Marketing Podcast Listeners, Here is a list of growth tools discussed in Episode 49 ; 1. Ubersuggest 2. Google Analytics 3. H…

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March 23, 2020

Episode 48 - Creating High Quality Backlinks

Off-page SEO involves tactics that are indirectly related to your website. This involves link building or creating of backlinks f…

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March 19, 2020

Episode 47 - What you should focus on as a product marketer

Introducing a product that fills a certain gap in the market or solves the problems of your intended consumer segment is a job ha…

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March 9, 2020

Episode 46 - Why CTR is important in Marketing

Episode 46 is an introduction to CTR or Click Through Rates and why it is important to understand this metric in Marketing. In si…

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March 9, 2020

Episode 45 - SIFT auf Deutsch - Einführung in die Welt des Marketings

We discussed whether we should implement german as a language of instruction and communication on the SIFT Podcast and we decided…

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March 6, 2020

Episode 44 - Minimum Viable Customer & Product Market Fit

Looking at a business model canvas, how do we define our customer segment, what are the characteristics that group our customer s…

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Feb. 23, 2020

Episode 43 - Intergrating Google Analytics on Godaddy

If you have your website built on Godaddy or are planning to create your own website using Godaddy, Google Analytics is an import…

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Jan. 30, 2020

EP 42 - Marketing for SaaS

Marketing has been known to work well with tangible products & a lot of content & expertise are geared towards Product Marketing …

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Jan. 29, 2020

EP 41 Hurdles to overcome as a Solo Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is a calling for some of us, however, the path to succeeding is not necessarily rosy & sweet & that's where tena…

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Jan. 27, 2020

EP 40 - Can business be taught at University & how I topped my class …

This Episode is a special one & also one that I was skeptical on doing, reason being, there is a lot of noise when it comes to th…

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Jan. 24, 2020

EP 39 - Lessons learnt working in a Family Business

The SIFT Podcast is all about sharing information, engaging, learning & growing as a community. In this episode I share my experi…

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Jan. 22, 2020

EP 38 Lean Marketing, understanding the concept.

Lean Marketing isn't something new in the marketing industry, however, it's a marketing methodology similar to " Lean Canvas " wh…

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Jan. 20, 2020

EP 37 This is Marketing by Seth Godin - Book Review

This is Marketing by Seth Godin is a book I recently bought & read as part of my Personal growth plan. Thanks to Amazon Audible,…

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Jan. 17, 2020

EP 36 Traditional Marketing , is it worth your penny ?

Traditional Marketing has faced a couple of backlashes trying to keep up with technology & what is known as " Modern day Marketin…

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