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June 11, 2020

Episode 80 : Xenia Muntean (CEO, Planable ) Innovating the Marketing Industry

Episode 80 : Xenia Muntean (CEO, Planable ) Innovating the Marketing Industry

In this episode we are joined by Xenia Muntean, CEO, Planable, who shares with us her story  cofounding Planable and some of the innovations she and her team have been able to introduce in the Marketing industry. Planable is a content review and marketing collaboration platform used by over 5000 teams.

Xenia Muntean has been recognised by Forbes 30 under 30 in Media & Marketing and has gone ahead to speak at various venues including Cannes Lions in 2018. She is a graduate of the Tim Draper's Startup Academy in Silicon Valley and prior to that she holds a degree in Mass Communication from Moldova.  Her story is very interesting because even before completing University she had her own social media agency and pursued that until Planable came to life.

Planable has its own Podcast called " People of Marketing Podcast " that features stories of unique marketers that you might want to give a listen to. 

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