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May 15, 2020

Episode 68 : Personal Finance & Mental Health with Susan Gichuru

Episode 68 : Personal Finance & Mental Health with Susan Gichuru

In episode 68 we talk about personal finance and mental health with Susan Gichuru. She is a finance professional and a certified life coach from Nairobi, Kenya. She talks to us about managing our personal finances, the investment options that are available, why we should build an emergency fund and also being open about our mental health.

On her website www.speakuptalkback.com , she has created a platform where people are able to speak up about what they are going through, share their experiences & find assistance. On finance she offers a weekly IGTV called " Finance Friday " on her instagram @susan_gichuru, where she shares information & knowledge on finance to her audience.

Now, if you need her services on personal finance you can reach out to her on her social media @susan_gichuru  or send her an email wanjiku.m.susan@gmail.com 

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