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May 1, 2020

Episode 59 : Should you start a Podcast in 2020 ?

Episode 59 : Should you start a Podcast in 2020 ?

If you are asking yourself whether it's worth it to start a podcast in 2020, the answer to your question is YES. Podcasting is about building a listening audience behind what you do or are passionate about. Podcasts have been around for some time and the industry is slowly getting saturated but like any other social media channel, creating value and being consistent will gather you a sustainable audience over time. This will make people know about you, what you do and can have a huge impact on your brand as well. It might take a while to see your stats skyrocket if you are not someone with a huge network but consistency will help you slowly rank higher among your competitors. Can you turn a Podcast into a business ? Yes ! Listen in to get the full information.

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