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April 30, 2020

Episode 58 : Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

Episode 58 : Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

The digital marketing space has experienced significant changes in technological advances in the recent months. In 2020 and over we expect the integration of various digital marketing concepts and tools by businesses and organisations. Video content is expected to take over written content in terms of user engagement and percentage conversions , expect more video based ads on your social platforms. Chatbots will cut customer support costs up to 30% and we will see an increase of them on apps like messenger and websites. TikTok currently boasting over 800 million users will see a huge flow of content and brands raising awareness of their products and services on the social platform. Artificial Intelligence is set to improve customer experience and enhance personalisation making digital marketing touchpoints more consumer-centric than before. Augmented and Virtual Reality is expected to be adapted by more businesses and retail stores in 2020 as the technological advancement seems to be no longer far fetched any more.

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