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Jan. 13, 2021

Episode 132 : 3 Unconventional Marketing Tactics for 2021

Episode 132 : 3 Unconventional Marketing Tactics for 2021

Thinking outside the box and iterating on fresh ideas can make or break a marketing campaign or brand. However, having well thought-out ideas can easily differentiate your business marketing efforts from those of your competitors.

In this episode I mention 3 outside the box marketing tactics that I have seen work well for a couple of organisations and businesses that you can apply in 2021.

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Welcome to the marketing podcast the number one podcast helping aspiring entrepreneurs level up their marketing. here's your host, Augustine. Let the class begin.

Hey, TMP listeners, and welcome to yet another episode on the marketing podcast, digital marketing tips and insights. Now, in today's episode, we're going to talk about some unconventional ways that you can prop up your marketing some unconventional ways that you can give your marketing a head start in 2021. Now, for the first point,

thing about being a bit weird. I know it might sound weird when I say they made me think about being weird.

But I want to think I want you to think about it this way. If you look at most of the marketing campaigns that we see online and offline, most of them look alike. Most of them tend to do the same kind of things, we tend to see a lot of advertisements in promo videos or images or carousels, whatever, with an ad copy attached to them. And they're usually talking about maybe their product details, what the product is about to solve, etc. So it's usually nothing out of the norm. But think about it this way. What if we do something a bit weird, and I mean, like healthy, we are not

overdoing it healthily, weird.

Let's say maybe, for example, you can talk about,

let's say, maybe you made let's say, maybe, let's give an example, you have a flash sale, where you're selling a product that probably usually goes for $40, and you're selling it for 299. And obviously, you've calculated what's profitable for the business or how much cost the business is able to incur,

to dollar 99.

And let's say this is a product that has never been sold for below, maybe $20. So you it's out of the norm.

If you have a good product,

and you believe that

it's something that offers value to customers, then it should sell it something out of the norm, that I'm talking about trade to be weird, try to be different, try to go against the grain. We can also think about it this way. For example, let's say for example, you know how

a lot of companies and businesses communicate on social media. So let's say instead of, you know, respond, only just responding to which you should be doing responding to comments about your product, or your business on social media. Let's say you try and make things a bit fun, like you do respond. But you try and become a bit more fun. And why I say this, because then you have to do this in a healthy amount and not overdo it is because it gives consumers this form of familiarity.

I'll give you an example of

when the elections was going on, in the in the States, and Trump tweeted, stop the count. And in in Europe, where I am based, we had

football matches No, it's called soccer in the States, football matches going on both in England, all over Europe, England, Germany, Spain, etc.

And we had a match a football match Real Madrid against Valencia. And Real Madrid, ah, you know, one of the biggest teams in Spain and Valencia fairly big team.

And on that date, it was quite clear that you know, Madrid was going to win this match. And,

you know, Valencia,

one, I think it was four goals to kneel.

And the treated out stop the count. And this is what I'm talking about trying to being weird. And I got them a lot of retreats, a lot of comments, a lot of engagements. And also, you know, people are able to interact with them, they gain a lot of publicity, a lot of followers, etc. So that's what I'm talking about trying to be a little bit weird and going against the grain. Now speaking about social media and

Twitter are one of the other thing we'll be jumping on to trends, and I mean trends that are relevant. So let's say there's a trend going on, on Twitter or on

Instagram or any

Did it cetera,

as a business jumping on to that trend, but jumping on it, and it has to be a good trend, let's is something good is trending louder, this challenge going on, jumping on to that, and making it fun for your consumers. Now to start interacting with your, with your content, it could be let's say,

let's give an example. It could be

this this trend that is going on on Twitter, or on social media, how it started versus how it's going. So maybe you can jump onto that and show maybe how your business started and how it's going, or maybe your consumer base. If you have, let's say an audience, let's say for example, if it's TMP, our podcast, you can talk about how it started, maybe I can post an old picture of, you know, the microphone that I was using the software that was recording, maybe the first episodes,

what is how it's going.

The equipment I'm using right now, the fanbase or the audience that I have right now, which is you guys. So it creates that form of engagement. And it's unconventional, it's something that is different. And that's one of the things that you should be looking at as a business as an organization. And even as a personal brand jumping onto trends that are healthy. The other thing would be to focus a lot on user generated content. Now what a lot of businesses do, what most people do is that they'll create content that is catered towards the audience or whoever that they're targeting.

But sometimes it's quite difficult,

especially if you don't know who your buyers persona is, or who you're actually targeting, if it's a podcast, who your listeners actually are and what they're up to. So if you're not really sure of who exactly you're targeting, and you're creating all this kind of content that is not resonating with the right kind of people

pretty much wasting time when it comes to that type of marketing campaign. Pretty much not as effective. Think about it this way. Now to think about GoPro for example, the action camera, what they do is, well, what I've been doing is they have been taking videos and actually

convincing people to take videos using the GoPro action cam, and send it to them hashtag GoPro, hashtag arranger, etc. and tag them. And what good what GoPro does is that they will use that certain type of content, like video, and plug it on to their social platforms, maybe YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, on the website, etc. So as more people comment on that, it's generates a lot of social proof. So if you can integrate some form of

user generated content and promote that, it's actually something that will help your business a lot. So three things, first and foremost, being weird, simply meaning being being a bit different thing outside the box.

Second thing I've talked about is jumping on to relevant trends and familiarizing yourself with your audience, etc. That thing I've talked about

promoting user generated content so that your users or consumers engage and you actually get a lot of feedback actually, when you have users talking about your product and generates that legitimacy when it comes to your brand in the overall industry. So pretty much that's it. If you have any questions, make sure to reach out to me, send me an email at Augustine at cipt group.net. Make sure to subscribe to the newsletter on our website that is www dot the marketing podcast dot live. But until then, I'll see you guys on the next podcast episode.

Thank you for tuning in to the marketing podcast Be sure to rate review and subscribe. Until next time, Class dismissed