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Jan. 12, 2021

Episode 131 : 4 ways to monetise your Newsletter in 2021 | Email Marketing

Episode 131 : 4 ways to monetise your Newsletter in 2021 | Email Marketing

Newsletter Marketing is essentially a strong form of marketing campaign that has performed considerably well over the years. On average, emails get around 10% click through rate if not more, which is a good statistic to work with.

After building an email list, how then can you monetise your list if that's your end goal ? In episode 131 I explain creative monetisation ideas that you can implement on your newsletter campaigns.

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Welcome to the marketing podcast, the number one podcast helping aspiring entrepreneurs level up their marketing. here's your host, Augustine, let the class begin.

Welcome to yet another episode on the marketing podcast digital marketing tips and insights. Now, in today's episode, we're going to talk about three or four ways that you can monetize your newsletter. So you've started your newsletter marketing campaign, you've been able to collect a list of emails from people. 

So you probably have a website, or a landing page that you're currently using. Either you're running Facebook ads, or you're using organic traffic, simply to send people to your landing page or your website. And you have already a sequence in place that you use to collect your list. So how then can you monetize your email list? 

So let's say for example, that you have a huge list and I heard the list and when we what we define as a healthy list is a list of subscribers who week in week out every time you're sending in a new issue, a new copy a new newsletter, this good amount, or a good percentage of people clicking through your email. And to make sure that you have a healthy list, one of the things that you have to do is check on people who do not open your email. 

Now, the reason I say this, because I've mentioned this before is that if a lot of people tend to not open your email, your email research end up ending up in the junk folder or in the spam folder. So you can have, let's say, a sequence where let's say after you've sent an email, you send out an email.

 And some subscribers have not opened the email, let's say like after one day, or after, like 48 hours, you have another email that you sent back to them, it could be the same email, maybe you simply Refresh. Refresh the header of that email. So for example, if they email read, let's say the Hey, that was

what, what we did last week, for example, let's say that was the first header or title that he used. So maybe you could rephrase it to something different later. Like, let's say,

this is what you missed out last week, for example, it's just an example. So simply by referencing the header and maybe rephrasing some part of the content, and resending that back to them, and hopefully, they're able to click that and open that if they don't, you have you you have your sequence.

 So maybe by the third email, if someone doesn't open, then you inform them that, you know, they have to be removed from your email list, but they can always opt in back at cetera. So just simply to make sure that your email doesn't start ending up in the junk folder or the spam folder, rather, it ends up in the main inbox of your recipients.

 So what are the ways if you have a huge email list? Maybe he made a list, we're talking about, let's say 500 subscribers or more. So how can you monetize this?

This type of marketing campaign, one of the things that you can always do is maybe affiliate links, it could be affiliate links from products that you use or services that you use, and have, let's say affiliate links that might help them you know, get a discount, or maybe get a free trial. 

For example, let's say for example, let's say if I'm writing an email, for example, the last email that I the first email that I wrote for 2021, talking about how you can you can get started into podcasting. If you're not on my email list, make sure to head on to our website, wwlp marketing, podcast live and subscribe to the newsletter. links will be down in the description box below.

 So the first newsletter newsletter was talking about how you can start your podcast in 2021. And in that I talked about different tools that I use, for example, Canva, I talk about how you can build your website with Paul page, for example, where you can host basketball. And in those links, most of them were affiliate links that offered something for our readers or for my readers. 

One of them could be for example, passport, they get a $20 amazon gift card, and also they get I believe the first month free once it's accepted a paid plan with port pitch, for example, they would say like 25%. So I have these different affiliate links that when somebody clicks through them, they the these value for them, not only do I get to earn something orally i do i get to earn a commission, but they also get something in return. 

And that's one of the ways that I think I believe you can also do that for your listeners based on maybe products that you're using, or maybe services that you want to recommend and they have to be something that are worth of value and are in line with the topic being discussed in that specific newsletter newsletter, because it won't make sense. For example, if let's say I'm writing an email newsletter, and I'm talking for example, about let's say, how to start your own podcast, and let's say in that I put a link that for example.

It's, maybe someone gets a discount code, it's an affiliate link, when someone gets a discount code for pillows or mattresses, it hasn't really aligned with, you know, the subject or the topic being discussed in that specific museum. So it has to be relevant to what you're talking about. The other thing would be, for example, if you have a huge

recipient list will be to go exclusive. Now, a lot of journalists are doing this at the moment where you can go inclusive, let's say, for example,

think for example, like a journalist who was writing for a specific news article, or maybe,

etc, maybe different kind of online sources, and maybe they're laid off or maybe they're looking for an extra source of income, or maybe a lot of people really liked what they're writing what they were writing. So one of the things that most journalists are doing is that they come up with exclusive newsletters where people have to pay a subscription. And you can do this for example, for example, the podcasting, I know you can use supercars, for example, that also I'm coming up with quite soon, maybe you have seen that on the website, something I'll come up with very, very soon, probably might or April. 

So for a newsletter, let's say, you can also allow people if you have a lot of people who are really engaging with your content, people who really love your content, you can opt in for them to pay, let's say they can pay for example, like for dollar 99, to be part of that newsletter, and you can monetize the newsletter that way.

 The other thing would be to run advertisement now you can talk to specific business businesses, similar to similar to affiliate links. But now these are advertisements where for example, or sponsorships Think of it this way. Let's say for example, let's think of like YouTube, for example, you have your someone, you have your YouTube channel, and let's say from your YouTube channel, you earn, let's say

$3 per 1000 views. So that's your, that's your CPM. And obviously, YouTube will pay you per 1000 views for the other journey. But then again, we see that a lot of YouTubers or a lot of YouTubers also have sponsored content within their videos. Let's say for example, if I have a YouTube channel on football, or soccer, and they talk about maybe the English Premier League, so if people are tuning in, and I'm getting 1000s, and 1000s of views, obviously, I'm getting money from the views per 1000 views from YouTube or from Google. But then again, I can talk, I can talk about, oh, maybe I can allow myself to be sponsored by, let's say, a football analytics app, like for example, like one football, for example. 

And the same thing you can incorporate, you can incorporate that also in your newsletters. So you have, you have these amount of recipients who are reading your word reading your newsletter, they could be paid, or it could be paid have a paid newsletter, or a free newsletter doesn't really matter. But you can also have links.

If you're turning, let's say about a certain product or certain service, you can have like a sponsored deal with a company or the business so that you can showcase their products, probably some product that you're already using, or that you've tested so that you want to make sure you're giving enough value to your readers. So that's the other way that you can monetize on your newsletter. 

The final rule. The fourth way, will be for example, too, if you yourself you are you have products or services that you're selling. So you can talk about a certain topic. For example, let's say you have

a podcast subscription or you're let's say you own a podcast hosting service. And you talk about podcasting and you have a huge recipient list. Obviously, it will make sense that for the people who are subscribed to your newsletter that you offer them link to your because these are people who are interested in podcasting, or maybe you're trying to just get their feet wet in podcasting, so they want to start out.

 Obviously, it makes sense that you offer them links to your service so that they can able to get started. And probably also offer them like discounts or free trials or maybe even a freemium for them to test things out. So that's the other way it doesn't have to be literally for guessing could be anything. 

You could be let's say in fashion and you're you own your own fashion retail store. So you can give them let's say like coupon codes, etc. Things like that. So those are the ways you can you can monetize your newsletter, if any questions make sure to reach out to me at Gus Nazif group.net but until then make sure to rate review and subscribe and also sign up for the newsletter. But until then, see you guys on the next podcast episode.

Thank you for tuning in to the marketing podcast Be sure to rate review and subscribe. Until next time, Class dismissed