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Jan. 6, 2021

Episode 127 : Podcasting Vs Blogging | Why you should create both !

Episode 127 : Podcasting Vs Blogging | Why you should create both !

Choosing between the type of content you should produce can become an overwhelming task, especially with the vast types of content that are available to us as of 2021. In episode 127, I explain the pros and cons of Podcasting and Blogging as content creation formats.

Blogging has been with us much longer than podcasts and this is quite clear with the Blog per person ratio compared to Podcast per person ratio being significantly higher. Each content types have their pros and cons and complement each other in different ways to serve different purposes.

2021 demands an omnichannel approach in Marketing and simply going for one content type and neglecting others, simply will not cut it. Obviously, you should focus on what you are good at, not everyone is a pitch perfect writer or a captivating  orator with microphones.

However, if you own a business or brand, hiring around your weaker talent spots, ensuring you maintain an omni-channel marketing presence will put you at the front of the game.

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The Microphone is good but I would still like to get better sound quality for all you and that can be done with a mixer and condenser mic.  For that reason I have set up a Gofundme, just click here and pledge whatever amount you are able to.

Once we get the Rodecaster Pro, I will give away two mics that I currently own that might help anyone starting out in podcasting.

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Welcome to the marketing podcast, the number one podcast helping aspiring entrepreneurs level up their marketing. here's your host, Augustine. Let the class begin.

Hey guys, and welcome to yet another episode on the marketing podcast digital marketing tips and insights. Now, in today's podcast episode, we're going to talk about podcasting versus blogging. Which one is better, which one should you be focusing more on the pros and cons, et cetera.

 So maybe you started your own website or your own business, or you're trying to build your personal brand. Now think of give the different marketing channels that are available, and you're contemplating or trying to decide upon whether you should start your own podcast or whether you should start your own blog. 

Now, first and foremost, just to get this out of the way is that when it comes to marketing in 2021, you obviously want to be omni channel, you obviously want to be on the various marketing channels that are available, you obviously want to come up with audio content, written content, video content, et cetera. And even augmented content, if you're able to come up with augmented content, that is even better. So

think about Omni going omni channel. Now, when you think about a blog, a blog is something that has existed for a very, very long time since the internet and even not even that blogging, something that has existed in traditional media. Now think about newspapers and magazine. 

It's similar to blogging in that you're simply putting down written content. And only the best written content gets to be displayed in newspapers and magazine, and people are able to read that now things have changed and the world has become globalized. And digital has become the new norm. 

So everything is moving on online. And blogging has also moved on online. So if you're coming up with a blog, you have to, you know, have it on a website hosted somewhere, et cetera. All things said and done came podcasting. Now, podcasting is a fairly new industry that we're in. 

It's been existing for, I think, probably around 1516 years if I'm not wrong, but if you think about it, podcasting has also existed in traditional media in form of radio. So it's also similar to blogging. The only difference is that podcasting has taken a different time, compared to radio, in a podcast is a more flexible is more of

you know, you can play it, it's play on demand, it's play on demand, you can play a podcast, anytime you want to compare to a radio where you know you, you have to tune in to that specific station and listen to what they're saying at that specific moment. podcasting is different from that. And blogging hasn't really changed that much. Now. If you think about newspapers, you can listen to buy a newspaper and read it during your free time. not comparing now comparing it's to radio and podcasting. 

Well, like I've said for radio, you have to actually tune into that station, and listen to what the app say at the moment. But podcasting you can listen to, at your own time, simply play on demand. So other pros and cons on which one should you go actually think of going for? Like I've said, when it comes to marketing in 2021, you should try your your best to be omni channel in your marketing campaigns, simply because there are some things that you know,

there's some things for example, if you think about audio content, written content, some of these content types, do different things and achieve different purposes. And some of them simply compliment each other. 

That's the thing. Now if I'm to compare between podcasting and blogging, now if let's say you don't want to do both, you don't want to blog for some reason you don't want to blog at the same time do your podcast, you want to decide on one thing. Now there isn't,

I will say is that podcasting will provide you with the best kind of format to

you know, if you're if you're to choose between podcasting and blogging, and the reason I say that is because of the repurposing of quantities comes to audio content, if you realize a lot of what a lot of podcasters do. 

And we at the marketing podcast digital marketing tips and insights do as well is that once an audio is recorded once an episode is recorded, we're able to publish that on our host for say, for example, bass prod, where I host this podcast link down in the description if you want to start your own podcast and get your $20 amazon gift card from Bass Pro, back to my point. 

So once I host once I publish an episode, it gets distributed to various platforms around maybe 20 to 25, platforms, platforms, where people people can listen to that. Compare that now with a blog. Now with a blog, your blog most probably is on a single website and

Maybe you're getting backlinks from other website and other other websites that are linking back to your blog article. So people might be able to find you. But people don't necessarily get to see your blog other than on your website. 

So you have to really try hard to make sure that you're ranking on page one on Google because nobody goes to page two, we all know that. So you have to make sure that your do your search engine optimization really well, when it comes to writing your blog, and that your website is ranking really high.

And unless people are linking back to you, it can become quite difficult for people to find, yes, you can post links here and there to your article. But it's tedious. And it's also not something that you know, a lot of people might end up clicking through, simply because,

you know, it's not that appealing compared to, for example, a podcast, where like I've said, once you publish it with a host, like Bass Pro Lipson or anchor, depending on the host that you're using, it gets distributed to different platforms like Spotify, iTunes, iHeartRadio.

I don't know,

breaker, by the way, because this got bought by Twitter storytime for another day, it gets distributed to different to various platforms that people can easily listen to them. If someone has, let's say, these are on their iPhone or on their Android, they can listen to that over there, if we have iTunes, if they have Spotify, so they they have a vast majority of option when it comes to where they can listen to your content.

 And also, when it comes to repurposing content, yes, you can, you can take a piece of blog content and take off, take, you know, part and parcel of it, you know that certain blog posts and come up with content for social media like Instagram or Facebook. But if you think about podcasting, or Generally, if you think about audio content, is that, for example, once I've, once I've uploaded this,

once I've uploaded this specific episode, I will transcribe this specific Episode First and foremost, to get the written content, I can then use that transcription and format it and edit it to become a blog. And then what the other thing that I can do is I can take like a mini clip of this episode, using different software's buspar has their own, these waves don't see Oh, that is why vv.co that you can use. 

Take up a single clip of this episode. and post it on social media either on my Instagram stories on Facebook posts, and even on WhatsApp. And people can be able to listen to the juiciest part, you know of the episode and attract them towards your podcast. Compared to blogging, it can get tricky when it comes to blogging. Like I've said, it's not that easy to repurpose a lot of blog content yet, you can do a little bit of repurposing from taking parts of that piece of blog article and coming up with let's say, content that you put on social media, but it's not as effective compared to what audio can do. 

Now, the other thing why I like podcasting, or I would prefer you go for podcasting than blogging, if you had to choose is that when it comes to podcasting, they subpersonalities subpersonality that you give your brand is a voice that you give your brand, but it's your personal brand or your business brand, that blogging can never give because it's written, people can connect with your words, yes, but people connect better with your voice because they feel they understand you. 

And that's the power of podcasting. Moving on to the next step is that I know with blogging, you can do guest blogging, you can allow your audience to you or your community to come onto your website and do guest blogging and have like a community section and interact with your community well and good. But think about podcasting in the way that we are able to invite people on onto the podcast and network with them and build actual relationships with people. 

So that's, you know, it's something you cannot do with a blog article. So if you had to choose between blogging and podcasting, podcasting takes the wind right there. Um, the other thing I will say is that when it comes to podcasts, you're able to explain yourself really well. If you let's say you're talking about a certain topic on on an episode, you're able to elaborate on whatever it is you're talking about, compared to a blog. Yes, you can be really good at content writing or copywriting, etc. 

And you can be able and you know, you can express what you want to give to your audience. But when it comes to podcasting, since it's it's more or less like a one to one conversation, it's me talking to the microphone. Knowing that I'm talking to my audience, I checked my microphone like I'm talking to my audience, I'm able to try and become elaborate as possible.

When it comes to explaining the concepts or the ideas that I want my audience to understand, that's when podcasting, you know,

benefits from that. The last thing is something that I've talked about is and is when it comes to voice. Now voice is something that's growing over time. And we're seeing a lot of people owning now smart speakers, like I told you guys, I own the Google Home mini that I got free from Google. And a lot of people are buying into that, like, like I said, Google is giving out a lot of the Google Home Mini.

I don't have to bother buying the Amazon, Alexa and Apple have their own I think it's called the home pod. If I'm not wrong, correct me if I'm wrong, then it's called a home pod. So you can see there's a general trend towards owning smart speakers and a lot of homes are actually owning smart speakers. 

And also, there is this this statistic that I read on things called podcast ancestor comm where they're talking about podcasting in the recent years. And 51% of podcast listeners, actually home own a smart speaker. So some of that's really growing. And we know when you're talking about voice and smart speakers, is that I can easily play my podcasts on the smart speaker can easily can easily talk to my speaker, I don't know what to call it, because it will set it off. 

I can easily talk to my smart, smart speaker and tell it to play this episode for me. Can you do that with a blog? Not necessarily. And that's one of the things but like I've said, you always want to think of an omni channel strategy when it comes to your marketing campaign. You don't necessarily want to focus on one thing, try to be everywhere as possible lets you let all the channels complement each other let audio compliment written, like I've said, audio, a podcast can compliment a blog. You know, it can give a certain specific blog article life and a voice. 

And, you know, connect with all the social media platforms out there, let your offline channels connect to your online channels, etc. So try and be omni channel as possible. But when it comes to choosing between podcasting and blogging, those are some of the things that you know you might want to look into if maybe you don't necessarily want to do blogs for whatever reasons. That's pretty much it. If you have any questions make sure to reach out to me I guess in a safe group.net all the links to any affiliate will be down in the description box below. 

And like I've said, we are looking into buying the road caster pro mixer and the condenser mic for this podcast to enhance our audio. so kindly go down in the description below and head on to our GoFundMe and donate whatever it is you are able to donate. You don't necessarily have to simply by tuning in you're offering enough support for this podcast. 

The other thing is that our newsletter, make sure to sign up for that link will also be down in description below. So is that if you have any questions like I've said, reach out to me. But until next time, see you guys on the next podcast episode.

Thank you for tuning in to the marketing podcast Be sure to rate review and subscribe. Until next time, Class dismissed.