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Jan. 4, 2021

Episode 125 : What to expect in 2021 | Marketing Podcast

Episode 125 : What to expect in 2021 | Marketing Podcast

A happy start into 2021 from The Marketing Podcast (TMP) and a big thank you for being part of the podcast in 2020 . You might notice a few changes with the podcast as the year unfolds and this is because I have been working behind the scenes while I was away on holiday.

TMP Website

One of the new features on the podcast is our newly revamped website www.themarketingpodcast.live . You might already know the domain name, that's because the domain was in operation a few months ago but the website was not as interactive as I wanted it to be.  On the website, we have plenty of features that will help all of you learn seamlessly from the vast episodes, categorised for ease of access, blog articles, community section e.t.c.


We have also introduced TMP merch on the website https://www.themarketingpodcast.live/store/ make sure to check that out. We will release different versions of the Merch as time unfolds.

Rodecaster Pro

After 125 episodes on TMP, it's about time we upgrade our audio quality and pod equipments to make listening experience at per with top podcast standards. As I've mentioned sometime back, I use the hyperx quadcast usb microphone, which essentially is a gaming mic but can serve as a podcasting mic as well.

The Microphone is good but I would still like to get better sound quality for all you and that can be done with a mixer and condenser mic.  For that reason I have set up a Gofundme, just click here and pledge whatever amount you are able to.

Once we get the Rodecaster Pro, I will give away two mics that I currently own that might help anyone starting out in podcasting.

If you have any questions reach out to me on social media @kiamaaugustine or send an email to augustine@siftgroup.net

Until Next Time !

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Welcome to the marketing podcast, the number one podcast helping aspiring entrepreneurs level up their marketing. here's your host, Augustine. Let the class begin.

Welcome to the very first episode on the marketing podcast, digital marketing tips and insight for 2021. Now, let's take this opportunity to wish all of you a Happy New Year, Happy 2021 as we head off, and start this new year, obviously, with our new targets and various things that we're going to learn throughout the year. And also, as part of the podcast, various things that we have already started doing and integrating into the podcast and some of the things that we will be rolling out later on as the year progresses. Now one of the things that I'm going to mention is that we have now a very interactive website. 

Now if you remember, at the beginning of the podcast around may be the 50th episode, we had our website that is ww dot v marketing podcast dot live, we had that for quite some time. And but then I turned to that website off, so it was not accessible. And we were using WWE dot safety group.net, which is our agency website, and also tmp.prosper.com. For those of you who don't know, by now, that's the website that we get from our host buzzsprout. So I was contemplating on coming up with a very interactive website for our podcast, earn the maximum podcast live.

 And we've done exactly just that. Now if you're on to w w w dot, the marketing podcast dot live, you get to interact with our with our new website and as many features, not only do you get to see all the episodes, you get to see all the show notes, you get to see all the transcripts, you get to see episodes in terms of categories. If you're looking, let's say for example on you want only episodes on a search engine optimization, you can simply look or listen to SEO

episodes. If you want, let's say episode that deal with Google these that deal with websites, they start only a guest interviews they start. So I've categorized everything differently just to make it seamless and easier for anyone who's on the website to be able to find exactly what they need. Because you don't necessarily need to learn everything. Now. This is a marketing podcast, I do talk a lot about a lot about different things. But you don't necessarily need to you know, learn everything that we do know it's great if you learn everything on you listen to each and every episode. 

But it's not really necessary. If you're someone who only wants help when it comes to coming up or building your own website. There are episodes for that if you're someone who purely entirely wants to learn only SEO, there are episodes for that, if you want to learn let's say for example, on Google, you want to stay updated on what Google is doing. Or maybe you want to get in touch with different marketing tools that are being used on some of the trends. There are episodes for that. 

And that's the reason why I've come up with different categories. And each episode is given its category based on the kind of content that is in that episode. So they start there anything on the website is that you can also subscribe. Now there's a list of the various platforms that the podcast is available on, if you're someone listening to Spotify, but then you want to listen to on on Deezer or iTunes or Google podcasts or radio, I Heart Radio, etc. This link to that on the website. So this link to every part of

every platform where the podcast is available. So pretty much making it easier. And you know, seamless experience for you guys, we talked about a lot about experience, consumer experience. When it comes to this year 2021. We talked about what Google in terms of the algorithm, if you go back and you head into the websites, that is WWE, the marketing podcast dot live, and just type in Google search algorithm update in the search field. 

There's an episode probably two or three that I did talking about such algorithm update that is on Twitch 21 that Google is rolling out and all the things is consumer experience or user experience. On our website, they'll be using that more in terms of defining what, as a defining factor to rank websites based on user experience. 

And that's one of the reasons why I've come up with a very interactive website making everything easy because you know when it comes to having a podcast, there's a lot of confusion, a lot of clutter in terms of getting the right information or finding what it is you need, especially for anyone who's quite new to the space whether you're a listener or a podcaster yourself and the reasons why I say

did come up with a very interactive podcast website things to pay to this not any way affiliated to them. But I didn't really agree job and have to, you know, commend them for that and making it easier to come up with interactive podcast websites. So there is that. The other thing is a, I'm looking into

scaling up my equipments, my podcasting equipment. Now, as you all know, I'm using the hyper x squad cast USB plug, plug and play microphone. But at the moment, as of 2021, I'm looking to upgrade that to a road caster Pro.

One of the reasons because I went to move to an XLR microphone, the sound much better, more functionality, audio quality becomes much better, etc, you can always fine tune your audio with. If you're using a USB microphone, you can always fine tune that with either audacity or GarageBand. But then again, this you can only do as much when it comes to post editing. And that's one of the reasons why I'm looking to upgrade my equipment. And one of the things that I've done is on the website, there is a GoFundMe link, that you can head on there and donate any amount that you need. 

Now my target is to have that microphone on the road caster Pro, by much. That's my target of the road caster pro by my scores around 500 euros around, yeah, 500 euros $500, depending on the currency using. So if you want the marketing podcast, and if you are a subscriber who tunes in every single time now, as you guys know, I don't do a lot of ads on this on this podcast, mainly because we don't have that consistent numbers for me to justify putting in on ads compared to the US experiments and hindering maybe a bit of growth. Because at the moment per episode, we're getting anything between 300 to 1300 downloads per episode. 

So it doesn't really justify a lot for me to put on ads based on the CPM of the broadcasting industry doesn't really justify a lot. So do me that favor, head on to the website, I'll link that in the description below. Donate as much as you want, as little as you want. We appreciate it does really go a long way. So the is that?

What else do we have this for 22? One? Yes, a lot of guests, I'm planning to another one of the reasons why I need to get Haruka support so that every interview that I do becomes a similar experience.

Also, when it comes to guest podcasting, I'm working also on my internet connection, because it's one of the things that has been hindering me from doing a lot of interviews because of the internet connection of where I live. Now if you know my story, you know that I'm a student, and I live in all the student hostels, in mind, Germany, and our internet connection is usually not the best. So I'm glad I'm trying to look for solutions so that I can also do a lot of interviews. 

And just to give you a picture of how really hectic it can become with interviews, I had an interview and on my last interview with Maya Grossman from the state, I had to do it at 3am in the morning, just because you know, everyone else, all the other students are sleeping, so the internet connection is a bit better. So you can you can see where the struggle comes into play. But something that I'll have it fixed by either this week or next week, depending No, we have a pandemic going on right now. 

So sometimes getting what you need or doing exactly what you want might become a bit of a problems. But I'm still working on that at the moment. So maybe probably by next week, because we are also have a couple of guests that have lined up for January.

So I need to get that fixed as soon as possible. So there is that you'll see out of guest interviews.

And also I'm thinking of entering into video now you can share with me. Also on the website is a comment section you can discuss this and discuss.

If you know what discuss is you can simply plug in, you can simply connect to your Facebook and you know comment on down below on this episode. And to know the thing, I'm thinking of also starting a video podcast now integrating video into the podcast because I think it's a matter of time that we are doing that. A lot of people have requested that and I've always been holding back on that

purely because I don't have the equipments. But I'm trying to get those equipments by much. And so there's a GoFundMe and that's why if you really want to see a visual side of the podcast would be great if you can chime in here. And if you can't, it's not a problem. My only thing is that you're part of the community. And that's all that's support enough. But if you're able to head on to the GoFundMe that's on the websites link will be down in the show notes and give as many or as little as you can. It's all appreciated. Um, the other thing is, make sure to subscribe to the newsletter now.

I'll be rolling out the first newsletter quite soon for this year. So make sure to subscribe to that. Now the newsletter we'll go, we'll combine all what you've covered during the week links the episodes, what to expect the following week, and you simply get like a small PDF document that you can use or that you can read. And also, I'll be releasing some form of let's say, fact sheets that you can use if you're doing SEO, some of the things that you should check like a checklist that will be part of literally part of the newsletter. 

So matrix sign another ways, many things that I've come up with how to start your own podcast, step by step will be on the newsletter, it will simply summarize what you've done during the week, links to every episode. And then it will also have its own topic, different from what we've discussed in during that past week. So you really want to become part of that. Maybe if this week later, we decide we talk about, let's say we dive deep into the Google search algorithm, we talk about it for the next, let's say two episodes. And then for the last episode for this string, because we're running from Mondays to Fridays. So let's say for the last two episodes, we talk about, let's say,

I'm graduating, I'm trying to think of something. Let's say we talk about social media marketing for your local area for the next like for the last few episodes for this week. So we've talked about Google search advertising, we've talked about MMA, but now when the newsletter pops up on Saturday, maybe talking maybe about a podcast one on one, like giving you a step by step guideline on how to start your own podcast, what to look out for how to come up with your own website for the podcast, etc. So it's kind of different from what you've done in the week. 

And that's one of the reasons why you need to be part of the newsletter. The other thing that I'm introducing, but not currently at the moment, it's if you had until a website is something that you will see. And that is a super custom membership. And that's just simply for dedicated members that you know, want longer form content in terms of the podcast that we know, where I double down on certain topics where I really nerd out on certain topics, let's say if it comes to you, starting your own WordPress website, for example, just an example. I can do that on the podcast.

 But you see, the podcast is a Monday, it's almost a daily podcast, we range from Mondays to Fridays. And they tried to keep it under 20 minutes, just to make sure that you're engaged because it's it's a podcast that is almost daily, or pretty much daily, I cannot put long form,

long, long format of long form content based on the frequency of the episodes. So I tried to keep it under 20 minutes, if I was doing let's say if the marketing podcast was a weekly podcast, I could be doing it for one hour or two hours, even, even maybe three hours depending but now the fact that it's a daily podcast, and the frequency is quite a lot. I tried to maintain it under 20 minutes. And that's one of the reasons why for anything above 20 minutes. Now this is excluding guest interviews, because guest interviews tend to be anything between 30 minutes to an hour and excluding guest interviews.

Those kind of content will be on the supercast membership and you won't be even expensive, I'll do like a, there'll be like a $1 99 1.9 $9 tear or like

9.9 $9 6.9 $9 like different categories, etc. So it won't even be that expensive.

And also I'll be running like giveaways, just to something that I'll do like, also be part of the newsletter where I'll explain how you can like get your own free slot, let's say for a month or three months free membership to the marketing podcast, you know, pro membership I don't know, I haven't really given it a name yet but something that's you know, in the back of my mind, so pretty much that's it if I forgot anything, I make sure to share it with you guys either in the coming episodes or in the newsletter.

But then again, thank you guys for you know, we had a successful 2020 we were able to reach 36 countries and over 100 cities. This crazy man, this is statistics that I'm getting from analytics that I'm getting from passport

type six countries and over 100 cities. We did extremely well. I'm really grateful for that. So let's keep it going. Let's you know get engaged. Let's get to learn more about marketing and if have any questions make sure to reach out to me send me an email reach out to me on social media my email address netsafe group dotnet everything will be down in the show notes below.

But until then, see you guys on the next podcast episode. Thank you for tuning in to the marketing podcast Be sure to rate review and subscribe. Until next time, Class dismissed.