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Dec. 16, 2020

Episode 123 : Marketing Trends in 2021

Episode 123 : Marketing Trends in 2021

2021 is expected to bring a lot of change and innovation in the marketing world, especially in MarTech, following 2020 which has been a year of change and quick iterations.  It is safe to say that marketers will have to change and adopt to new ways of outreach and retaining the customer base.

One of the most discussed topic was on a consumer-centric approach in marketing campaigns as of 2021, involving personalised & improved experiences with content and email marketing. Also, in terms of content we are yet to experience the full effect of AI Tech as companies such as Contentyzer are already innovating in this space.

SEO will still remain important and even much more significance will be placed on it as businesses will be looking to rank higher on search engines where most of their customers will be spending time.

What about a cookie-less 2022 as announced by Google early this year ? what does that mean for 3rd party tracking tools ? More info on the episode.

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Welcome to the marketing podcast, the number one podcast helping aspiring entrepreneurs level up their marketing. here's your host, Augustine, let the class begin.

Welcome to yet another episode on the marketing podcast digital marketing tips and insights. And in today's podcast episode, we're going to talk about marketing trends for 2021. What do you expect coming into 2021? One of the things that while I was perusing through the internet, one of the things that I noticed a lot of marketers talk about was on content, content content content, one of the reason being that a lot of what you're going to see from next year is a lot of consumer centric approaches when it comes to marketing. And when it comes to planning, B, that being that

2020 has been a year where you know, we've had this pandemic. And now we have a lot of people spending a lot of time online and all of that. So if you have, let's say, for example, a brick and mortar store, you obviously want to make sure that you have that online presence, and that your online presence is actually very captivating. And that's one of the things that we are going to see is that when it comes to, for example, writing any piece of content, now, content will be mostly tailored towards

what actually the consumer or the user or the visitor of the website wants to see. And giving them a very good experience in terms of their time spent on your website. And now, what are the big improvements that we've seen in 2020. And also moving to 2021, when it comes to writing content is that a lot of artificial intelligence is being applied to it's being applied to content we've seen, for example, a company like content eyes, I think that's the name quantizer coming up with AI when it comes to writing content, assisting people to write content. And when you're still talking about content. The other thing that goes without mentioning is obviously what we always talk about on this podcast, and that is search engine optimization. I strongly believe when it comes to SEO, we're going to see a very stiff competition as more and more websites keep getting popped as more people try to improve on their online presence try to improve on on their ranking. So we see a lot of websites popping up with a lot of websites try to rank for a lot of keywords, and mostly longtail keywords. So if you're not, if you're not ranking for any sort of longtail keyword and you remember we talked about when it comes to doing any SEO for new website is that you want to target longtail keywords, and longtail keywords are basically keywords with more than four words or key phrases with more than four words. It can be anything, for example, if you're in the shoe industry, let's say instead of targeting, let's say shoes in Italy, which is only three words, let's say you're based in Italy. So it's all three words, that's a shortened keyword. So maybe you could target something like adidas Running Shoes,

in Italy, or affordable adidas Running Shoes in Milan. That's, that's an example of a longtail keyword, just one thing that you might want to look at when it comes to when it comes to ranking. Your websites are interested in stiff competition when it comes to search engine optimization. And the fact of the matter is that when a lot of businesses or a lot of people are trying to get online, get on websites, etc, what you're going to see is ad spend will, will become high. And I don't really know how that will affect

PC or Android, I'm not really quite sure how that'll affect that, I tend to believe average will go higher, because I can imagine the amount of demand with most of the people spending their time online, looking through websites, and a lot of people are opting to shop online than going to physical store. So I can't imagine that companies starting off in January when they're doing the marketing budget, I can imagine that most of them will put a heavy payment when it comes to the ad budget for 2021. So I can imagine that PPC might go a bit high, probably at Richmond go a bit high cost per click and etc. So it's something that we can anticipate. Now, the other thing now apart from adspend, we've talked about ad spend. We've talked about content. We've talked about SEO in terms of content.

One of the things that I've also seen a lot of marketers talk online and not only marketers, even executives in different companies talk about is that there'll be a lot of

Consumer centric approach in terms of,

for example, in terms of when, you know, let's say the marketing team, they have to work with our try to solve buyers persona and become very personalized in terms of their approach. And I think about email marketing. Now that you know, a lot of people are spending time online businesses are moving online. So email has always been has always been an important tool when it comes to marketing. And outreach has always become an as always been an important tool. So think about it right now that you know, everyone is moving online, or most companies or businesses are moving online. So email is one of the ways to reach out to your audience, to your customers, etc. So drilling it down to how you can do your email newsletter, or your email newsletter better than most businesses, will be the big difference maker in terms of whether people actually click through your email and buy from you or whether or not your email ends up in the junk folder. So that's where personalization, and a consumer centric approach will come into play. So think about it. If let's say you're a business, and you have, let's say, 100,000 subscribers on your email list, and you're able to come up, for example, with four different of, or several different segments, or sections or personas, in terms of email subscribers, and you're able to send out every single every single time, personalized emails that lower the attention and evoke the interest you'll be winning when it comes to email marketing compared to anyone who has the same amount of email subscribers, but keep on sending generic email, or keep on doing generic email marketing that won't perform as well. So one thing that I have, not only marketers, but also executives are looking into when it comes to the inbound,

the inbound marketing, etc. So that's another thing. The other thing will be on. What I believe is that when it comes to advertisement, I believe strongly looking at the trends we've seen from this year, when the pandemic came, looking at the trends, we've seen a lot of people spending time on their screens, I tend to believe that we'll see a lot of ads moving on to places like YouTube, we'll see a lot of video ads on places like YouTube, something I pretty much expect without people spending their time on YouTube. And also when it comes to these forums, like zoom, or

all these forums where we communicate and video called zoom, Microsoft Teams,

Google, whatever, all these platforms, you know what I'm saying? What I think what I tend to think is that we'll see some sort of invoke in innovation in that space, in that it's kind of getting boring when you think about it. This year, we've had a lot of people have been having a lot of zoom meetings, zoom calls, online meetings, webinars, etc. And I think a little bit of innovation might come in 2021. So that's something we might want to look out for. Now, the final thing that we mentioned is that, you know, at the beginning of this year, Google talked about removing third party cookies from Chrome as of 2022. I think in 2021, you'll see a lot of marketers and a lot of businesses trying to implement on Apply on first party data, so it's something we can expect for 2021 pretty much that's it when it comes to this episode. If you have any questions make sure to reach out to me Augustine at sift group.net You can also find me on social media at Kiama Augustine at Kiama Augustine, but until then see you guys on the next podcast episode.

Thank you for tuning in to the marketing podcast Be sure to rate review and subscribe. Until next time, Class dismissed.