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Dec. 13, 2020

Episode 120 : Google's recent Search Algorithm update | What to expect

Episode 120 : Google's recent Search Algorithm update | What to expect

Google has recently updated it's search algorithm as of December 2020 as it does every single year. What you might not notice is that, Google actually does these kind of updates almost every single day and core updates several times a year.

Most of its search updates are usually very minimal in terms of the impact they have on your website and hence most times in the year you might not notice any changes with your website's performance.

Google focuses a lot on user experience and most especially the quality of content that is on your website. In this episode I talk through some of the updates on Google's search algorithm as well as questions to ask yourself while creating content to ensure that you are creating content that Google will want to push and rank higher.

Google also is updating their search console API. More information in the episode.

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Welcome to the marketing podcast, the number one podcast helping aspiring entrepreneurs level up their marketing. here's your host, Augustine. Let the class begin.

Welcome back to the marketing podcast. And in today's podcast episode, we're going to talk about Google's search algorithm update that just happened recently. And what to expect from that, if you haven't yet.

heard about it or experienced it recently, now Google set out such algorithm update, which they do every single day, the only difference is that some of their updates are not really noticeable, because they are their impact is not as huge, but they do also do their core updates, which go around or happen around two to three times in a year. And we'll probably announce that, but these are the updates that we do on the such algorithm. We don't necessarily get to notice about them, they usually talk about them once in a while. But it's not something big because it doesn't really affect the majority of the website. And most of the time is actually only to improve on the search engine, on the results that it provides. And also the experience that we as such user search engine users have. Now one of the things that Google focused on ease on content. Now, if you've realized for the past, maybe one week if you're if you're hosting a website, if your website, and you're tracking the data and the analytics swishy. Sure. And if you're looking at traffic, you might have noticed, like I noticed on my website, actually two of my websites, one, which is my website, and one, which is a claims website, was that traffic really sank in the last probably couple of four or five days. And that was one thing because I was not really keen on what was happening. Because at the moment, I'm only thinking or I'm only preparing on Google site, like the core update that is going to come in 2021 on the core vitals. But now when it comes to this one I did, I did know that it was coming up. But then again, it was not less like such a huge update from Google. But then again, it really affected my traffic, I had to look at my personal website, I think

I lost around maybe 30% of the traffic. And for my client, also roughly, I'm up roughly around the same figure. But then I had to check on my own page. And on my own page, I don't have my customer. A lot of the content was actually doing poorly based on the fact that they were not well optimized. And I had like one page where I was stuffing and you know, creating a lot of duplicate content. So replicating or some keywords appearing too often. And you see, as an SEO guys, sometimes these things happen. Sometimes I don't get to notice when I'm doing an arrow, especially when I'm writing content, like if I don't actually counteract check that content and make sure that first and foremost, obviously it has to provide value. That's obviously the number one thing while we're at content. But also if I'm not keen on how I've written that content, it can come to affect me. And it can affect also you guys as well. Now when it comes to content now what can you look out for what can you look out for so that you are on the safest side of Google? Now this is what Google had to say. And I'm going to read down around 123456 things that Google focused on. And one thing that you should always focus on every time you're doing your when you're writing your article, or you're doing your own page, S e o. Now another thing was that does the content on your website provide original information, reporting, research or analysis? Is it original to you? Or are you simply plagiarizing and scraping other people's content? The second thing that Google mentioned was does the content provide a substantial complete or comprehensive description of the topic? Meaning if you're talking about if your headline of your topic is on a certain topic, are you actually providing substantial information about that certain topic? Or is it simply fluff or not really complete in terms of the information and content and value that's in that specific article? The third thing was does the content provide insightful analysis or interesting information that is beyond obvious so if you're writing on something that you know you have to be an expert, or really well equipped, or really well knowledgeable in that certain in that certain sector, let's say for example, if I'm writing a, let's say, if I'm writing an article on it,

typical example on the website. So let's say My title is website. And then I simply write a website is,

is, is, is your online presence on the internet? Our website has a domain? Like, yes, it's kind of informative, but it's a bit much more obvious to think about. Most people know what our website is. But if I, if I was to go further now explain on certain things that, you know, not everyone might not know about. That's what Google really wants. Oh, the other thing is, does it have pitchers in others I've mentioned plagiarism. And also adding value thing is this. If you're taking content, let's say from any other website, if you're taking content from you're doing, you're doing your research, and you're obviously taking content from several different websites that you want now to compile to your article. Now I use thinking scraping that content directly and putting it into your website, or actually, after doing your research, formulating that article in such a way that it adds value, and then not performing plagiarism. So that's what actually Google wants from you. The other thing is, on your headline, and

page title description are the are they descriptive enough to explain what the content of your website is, I think that's pretty much understandable for most of you. Also, when it comes to advertisements, when you're running ads, now there's no problem about running ads on you're about running ads on your website. Now, the only issue that Google has that ads should not be disruptive, they should not distract. Anyone who is who is on your website, you cannot have an ad, let's say a small banner on the side. But you know, you sometimes you head on to some websites where they have an ad that covers pretty much, let's say, three quarters of the whole page. And then the user of the website is only left to read a smaller section of what they're actually looking for. And it distracts the whole experience. And more often than not, people tend to bounce out and not really have a good experience when it comes to websites. So it's it's pretty much okay to have ads on your website. But make sure that the way your ads are placed on your website, as such, strategically enough, that allows people to be able to steal to be able to consume content that is on your website, and not be distracted with countless ads, etc. Now, the other thing that Google is rolling out is an update to their search console API. And what's going to happen is that they're trying to improve on the Google Search Console performance. And one of the thing is that they will be adding fresh data and news filter. The other thing will be domain property support in the Sitemaps API. So pretty much that's it when it comes to Google update. If you have any questions make sure to reach out to me Augustine at sift group dotnet. But until next but But until then, oh my tongue. But until then see you guys on the next podcast episode. Thank you for tuning in to the marketing podcast. Be sure to rate review and subscribe. Until next time, Class dismissed.