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Dec. 10, 2020

Episode 118 : When to use inbound & outbound marketing | Inbound series

Episode 118 : When to use inbound & outbound marketing | Inbound series

In this episode I explain situations where the inbound methodology and outbound methodology can be best implemented into a marketing campaign. There is no good or bad method when it comes to inbound vs outbound, however, there good and bad tactics when we talk about their implementation.

How, when and for how long are questions a business should ask itself when choosing between inbound and outbound or both. Outbound is best suited to generate more awareness for a newly found business and has short-term KPIs and goals compared to inbound which is long term and also takes time to build to fruition.

Outbound is more pay-to-play, you need a budget to run outbound campaigns because you are essentially  interrupting the prospect with your message. Inbound survives mainly on organic reach , it will take a blog article on your website a minimum of 100 days to start getting measurable traction and even then the article has to be good enough in terms of value and long enough for Google to put weight on it.

Inbound, however, despite being 62% cheaper than outbound has a long term effect and most prospects tend to be qualified leads that are ready to be sold to.

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