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Dec. 7, 2020

Episode 115 : Inbound Marketing Explained | Inbound Series

Episode 115 : Inbound Marketing Explained | Inbound  Series

Inbound marketing, quite different from outbound reach, is a marketing methodology where buyer personas are defined and identified by the different departments of an organisation, business e.t.c. and attracted towards the organisation/business e.t.c. instead of businesses reaching out directly to potential customers.

The opposite of Inbound, which is outbound is for example running paid Ads on Radio or Television and actively reaching out to the masses in an attempt to create awareness and sell directly to them. The pitfall of outbound reach is the lack of a qualification and verification process of the target reach that fits ideally to the buyer's persona and are highly likely to convert or be interested in our products or services.

A good example is an Ad on Radio or Television. A mortgage lender running Ads on Radio and Television to attract people interested in becoming new homeowners, refinance current mortgages e.t.c. reaches a massive audience that is unqualified for their services and products.

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