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Dec. 2, 2020

Episode 113 : How to start in Digital Marketing with zero experience

Episode 113 : How to start in Digital Marketing with zero experience

In this episode I go back to the basics and explain how anyone can get started in digital marketing with completely zero experience. The steps I mention in this episode are some of the things I did and continuously do to improve my expertise in the industry. The Marketing Podcast - Digital Marketing Tips & Insights has been a journal for my progress in the industry up until now  where I run my own agency that does specific services based on my expertise and what I am skilled at.

As time goes by and we as a community continue to learn more and gain experience, the agency will continue to offer more services and even onboard new hires. This is probably the only podcast if not one of the few podcasts that an agency founder has documented his journey and progress in real time and that's why I believe you should listen in and also join us.

Enjoy the episode !

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