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Dec. 1, 2020

Episode 112 : How to craft SOAP OPERA emails | Email Marketing

Episode 112 : How to craft SOAP OPERA emails | Email Marketing

Soap Opera email sequence, similar to what we already know about soap opera films, entails the art of storytelling. The writer initiates rapport with their readers in the first stage, allowing them to know about themselves, their business, organisation or mission.

Once presence and rapport have been initiated, the writer engages their audience in a sequence of storytelling filled with suspense, curiosity and information to captivate the attention of their audience. The readers would be taken through a series of drama that intently has the effect of drawing them towards a certain CTA that the writer has placed.

This can be an effective method of enhancing newsletter based sales,however, similar to the seinfeld sequence, the writer has to trade carefully and offer less fluff and more value.

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