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Jan. 20, 2020

EP 37 This is Marketing by Seth Godin - Book Review

EP 37 This is Marketing by Seth Godin - Book Review

This is Marketing by Seth Godin is a book I recently bought & read as part of my Personal  growth plan. Thanks to Amazon Audible, it's becoming easier to read books anywhere, anytime & whilst multi-tasking as well. This goes to show you how "Voice" from a marketing perspective is slowly gaining relevance & leverage over visual & written content.

I really like the perspective on Marketing that Seth Godin shares with us in the book. Marketing operates in a sort of grey area where SMEs don't necessarily understand what to look for in Marketing & Marketers tend to focus on short term sales rather than the longevity of the business/organisation in terms of its brand equity. I really like the fact that he emphasizes on building upon Brand Equity & gave a good example of retail chain stores working on the Life Time Value of their customers , having to operate at very low margins on their products.

Listen in to what I had to say ! Enjoy the Episode !

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