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Feb. 16, 2021

EP 155 : Co-hosting Back to Business with Jacque Sonda | Podcasting

EP 155 : Co-hosting Back to Business with Jacque Sonda | Podcasting

It's happening ! I will be co-hosting a second podcast with Jacque Sonda called Back to Business. I know, you are wondering what the podcast is about and why I'm doing two podcasts now ,right ?

Well, I receive a ton of emails and messages on Matchmaker from amazing people seeking to come on to the Podcast and talk about different things. I'm grateful for the many messages and emails I get, however, not everyone fits into what TMP is all about and that's okay. I always want to give a platform to guests that I believe will bring a ton of value on topics surrounding marketing and podcasting  and that will help each and every one of you learn and level up their marketing.

The second Podcast will be for those amazing guests that did not get to feature on TMP and it will be a broad podcast but primarily under business and marketing. Co-hosting Back to Business is part of a great project we are working and it will provide every one of us a platform to learn from each other and provide utmost value.

We might just document our business venture ! Stick around to get informed!

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