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Jan. 28, 2021

EP 141 :Getting your first 100 Email Subscribers | Email Marketing

EP 141 :Getting your first 100 Email Subscribers | Email Marketing

Today’s Podcast Episode is going to be a sort of Challenge for TMP listeners. I’m going to break down a step by step process that you can follow to build your email list. The Challenge is getting 100 people on your mailing list within 30 days with a few simple steps.

*Why do you need a mailing list?*

1. The open rate and click-through-rate on emails is decently high.

2. You can interact with your people in a more personalised way. This will help build a connection with those that are of your tribe.

3. It doesn’t cost much to have a mailing list & build a community among your raving fans.

TMP: On TMP, I share with the people on my list a weekly breakdown on what was covered on the podcast. I share experiments that I’ve done in the Marketing Space so that we get to learn together. I also share coupon codes and affiliate links that are necessary and relevant to the newsletter.

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