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Oct. 16, 2020

CAN-SPAM ACT | You can be fined up to $43,280 | Newsletter Marketing

CAN-SPAM ACT | You can be fined up to $43,280 | Newsletter Marketing

The CAN-SPAM ACT is a regulatory provision on  email marketing campaigns that establishes a healthy relationship between individuals, businesses and organisations with their email subscribers / readers.

As marketers we initiate and run email campaigns for various reasons and over time email campaigns, when done correctly, have shown a significant ROI in comparison to other forms of digital campaigns. However, to avoid individuals, businesses and organisations from manipulating their readers, spamming their inbox, selling their data to 3rd parties e.t.c. The CAN-SPAM ACT set out guidelines and regulations, in which non-compliance thereof might lead to a penalty of up to $43,280.

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