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Nov. 17, 2020

A/B Testing: Why & How to Do Split Testing on Your Website

A/B Testing: Why & How to Do Split Testing on Your Website

A/B testing also sometimes referred to as split testing, although the latter entails more distinctions than the former, is the process of testing out the performance of marketing assets when one or more elements are altered.

This can simply be giving your audience, website visitors e.t.c two different versions of the same landing page and observing the performance of the landing pages in terms of metrics such as click-through-rates, conversion rate, bounce rate, overall heat map e.t.c

Simply altering the color of CTAs can impact the results you get from a landing page and marketers continuously carry out such tests to find out what works best for them and drop what doesn't.

Split testing is providing your target group with two completely different versions of the same landing page. The only problem with this method is the ease of collecting data and information on which elements actually brought the most change to your marketing metrics.

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