The Marketing Podcast - Digital Marketing tips and insights

Marketing Made Simple in episodic releases of just under 20 minutes that can help level up your marketing expertise. Learn about the latest marketing trends, tools and insights on how you can outperform your competitors and achieve your marketing goals.Join me as I document my process and also interview the best of marketing professionals in the industry.

The Marketing Podcast - Digital Marketing tips and insights

Hey there ! My name is Augustine & I run The Marketing Podcast - Digital Marketing Tips & Insights. 

This podcast has been a journal of my learning curve in Digital Marketing. I'm a strong believer in learning by doing, taking actionable steps and being accountable.

Heck, when I started out I didn't have a clue what I was doing. As time goes by I've become an expert in certain disciplines of Marketing. If you are looking to get started in your Marketing Career then this is the right place for you ! 

Yes, everything you see here I  taught myself, with the help of others too ! 

Welcome to TMP !

Recent Episodes

Feb. 26, 2021

EP 163 : What is Podfest ? | Podcasting 101

Podfest is an event for people who are passionate about sharing their message through voice ( mostly podcasters) . In 2021 , the …

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Feb. 25, 2021

EP 162 : 3 Nifty tactics to improve decayed Content | Content Marketi…

Connect with me ! Agency Clubhouse @augustinekiama Join TMP exclusive on Subscribe to the T…

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Feb. 24, 2021

EP 161 : Podcast Growth Hacking with SEO | Podcasting 101

I was on Clubhouse today interacting with african podcasters on podcasting and sharing insights and tips on the same.  Once I was…

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Feb. 23, 2021

EP 160 : What are Breadcrumbs & How they impact your Site's ranking

Breadcrumbs are a navigational feature on a website that can be found usually beneath the navigation bar and above the Heading 1 …

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Feb. 22, 2021

EP 159 : How to do a quick Site Audit | SEO

Connect with me ! Agency Clubhouse @augustinekiama Join TMP exclusive on Subscribe to the T…

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Feb. 19, 2021

EP 158 : Google SEO best practices | On-Page SEO

In episode 158 I explain some of the Google best practices when doing Search Engine Optimisation. These are simply guidelines tha…

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Feb. 18, 2021

EP 157 : What does Robot.TXT file do ?

Ever heard of a file called Robot.txt ? Do you know why it's important to have one on your website and what it actually does ? We…

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Feb. 17, 2021

EP 156 : SEO Checklist for 2021

How do you get started with your SEO campaign and get your website ranking on SERP ? In this episode, I explain a SEO Checklist t…

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Feb. 16, 2021

EP 155 : Co-hosting Back to Business with Jacque Sonda | Podcasting

It's happening ! I will be co-hosting a second podcast with Jacque Sonda called Back to Business. I know, you are wondering what …

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Feb. 15, 2021

EP 154 : What to do when your organic traffic declines

Are you losing organic traffic on your website day after day, month after month ? I understand how frustrating that can be especi…

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Feb. 13, 2021

EP 153 : Why I'm writing a Marketing Book & Co-hosting a 2nd Podcast

Bonus Episode ! In this episode I share a secret project that I'm working on and that is a book project. I've written and publish…

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Feb. 12, 2021

EP 152 : How to improve your website CTR

In this episode I explain some of the ways you can improve your website overall click-through-rate, simply through small tweaks t…

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Feb. 11, 2021

EP 151 : How to learn Digital Marketing

In this episode I explain some of the best ways to learn marketing on your own and level up your skill set. If you are starting o…

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Feb. 10, 2021

EP 150 : 5 lessons I have learnt after 150 episodes | Podcasting 101

After recording 150 episodes on TMP, I have to admit I'm really proud of the progress and growth that the podcast has had over ti…

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Feb. 9, 2021

EP 149 : How often should you run Marketing Experiments ?

In an ideal world, marketing experiments should be done every single day, however, the situation is always different from one mar…

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Feb. 8, 2021

EP 148 : Ranking higher with Schema Markup | SEO Explained

Schema Markup or using Structured Data simply helps search engines like Google understand the content of your website much better…

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Feb. 5, 2021

EP 147 : Why are writers moving to Substack ? | Newsletter Marketing

Substack is a platform that allows writers, specifically newsletter enthusiasts to monetise their audience of readers through a s…

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Feb. 4, 2021

EP 146 : Just For The Flow | Moses Githinji | Podcasting 101

In this week's Podcasting 101 Series, Moses joins TMP to share his plans for starting a rather niche Podcast in the engineering s…

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Feb. 3, 2021

EP 145 : Do you need a Marketing Degree to get started ?

Let's discuss whether you really need that marketing degree to get started. Connect with me ! Clubhouse @augustinekiama Join TMP …

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Feb. 2, 2021

EP 144 : How to use Transcripts for organic reach

Repurposing content is not only a time-saver but also a growth hack in the content space. Recently I started transcribing parts o…

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Feb. 1, 2021

Ep 143 : SEO tools for 2021

In episode 143, I mention some of the tools I use to do Search Engine Optimization in 2021 for my client's websites and podcast. …

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